Pridopan Cream 2Lb

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Pridopan Cream


(每克含有                                     利諾卡因 25mg                     普裡洛卡因 25 毫克)

(Each gram contains       Lignocaine 25mg             Prilocaine 25mg)



Local anaesthetic for epidermis pain relief



每公克乳膏含Lignocaine25mg及Prilocaine 25mg以1:1的比例形成的油/水性乳劑。 這種製劑具有皮膚麻醉作用且適用於表皮處理。


Each gram of cream contains lignocaine 25mg and Prilocaine 25mg in a ratio of 1:1 oil/water emulsion. This formulation has the effect of skin anaesthesia and is suitable for epidermis treatment.



皮膚科及整形外科之雷射 (除痣、斑、洗眉、磨皮、除毛),脈衝光、電波拉皮等各項電療 及高頻電燒的小手術。    

局部手術 (割雙眼皮、去除眼袋、隆鼻)。    


[Scope of application]

The laser of dermatology and orthopaedic surgery (except for moles, plaques, eyebrow swashes, skin grinding, hair removal), pulsed light, electro-bora skin and other electrical therapy and high-frequency electro-burning small surgery.    

Local surgery (cutting of the eyelids, removal of eye bags, nosebleed).    

To protect against pain when injecting needles or drawing blood.





Those with an allergy to the local anaesthetic of amide.




[Pregnancy and lactation]

Lignocaine and Prilocaine are secreted into the lotion, but there is little risk of side effects on infants due to minimal systemic absorption.



  1. 術前30分鐘均勻塗上適量的Pridopan藥膏。
  2. 可用透明保鮮膜覆蓋,密封,避免藥膏漏出。
  3. 除去保鮮膜,擦掉藥膏或使用卸妝水擦去,然後用消毒液消毒塗抺處,即可開始治療工作。

[How to use]

  1. Apply the appropriate amount of Pridopan ointment evenly 30 minutes before surgery.
  2. Cover with transparent cling film, seal, to avoid ointment leakage.
  3. Remove the cling film, wipe off the ointment or use makeup remover water, then use disinfectant to disinfect the coating place, you can start the treatment work.



麻舒樂乳膏不可敷抺在傷口上、黏膜上或異味性皮膚炎的病患。且應避免敷在眼附近。除非有更進一步的臨床資料,對於孩童使用應觀察以下注意事項: 1. 早產兒不可使用麻舒樂乳膏。 2. 麻舒樂乳膏應避免使用在6個月以下的嬰兒。 3. 6~12個月大小孩,同一時間內不可使用麻舒樂乳膏超過兩個部位,敷用麻舒樂乳膏至少須一個小時但不可超過兩個小時。 4. 某些藥物<如sulphonamide>可能會加重使用麻舒樂乳膏患者其變性血紅素血症的形成。


Pridopan should not be applied to patients with wounds, mucous membranes, or odoral dermatitis. And avoid applying near the eye. Unless further clinical data are available, the following precautions should be observed for children's use: 1. Premature babies should not use Pridopan. 2. Pridopan should be avoided in infants under 6 months of age. 3. Children between 6 and 12 months, do not use Pridopan more than two parts at the same time, applying Pridopan at least one hour but not more than two hours. 4. Certain medications may aggravate the formation of degenerative hemoglobinemia in patients who use leprosy creams.



鮮有水腫、發癢及發疹的報告,高劑量下的Prilocaine可能會造成高鐵血紅蛋白 (methemoglobin) 的濃度上升。

[Side effects]

There are few reports of edema, itching and rashes, and high doses of Prilocaine may cause increased concentrations of high-speed hemoglobin.



請放置於25 C以下乾燥場所。


Store under 25 C in drying place.